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What is a Transfer Switch for a Portable Generator

A transfer switch is similar to a light switch. It is an electrical device that will allow you to connect your generator to your wiring in your home. It can be permanently installed close to the service panel in your home or business. It will make using your generatorcentric very safe and easy to operate.

What is a Transfer Switch for a Portable Generator

When you experience a power outage then there are only two ways to use a portable generator for powering your home. One way is running extension cords from the generator to your appliances. This is a very inconvenient way and will not allow you to operate all of your circuits.

Another way that is more safer is to use a generator for connecting it directly to your household wiring. Portable generator is good for powering outdoor hot tub. Using just one cord will help you power a few different appliances and lights or all of your most important circuits. This is the way that requires you to have a transfer switch. You do not want to have extension cords running in and out of the home. This can be a fall hazard as well as a fire hazard.


When you choose to use a direct connection to a generator without the use of a transfer switch, then it can result in severe damage to your home or business. Safety instructions always come with your generator purchase and it is very important that you read and understand them clearly. Safety should always be a top priority when operating a generator or transfer switch. Safety tips and advice will come with your order.

There are also pre-wired generator transfer panels that can be purchased to make your job much easier. This device is ideal for generators up to 15,000 Watts with a utility input of sixty Amps. This is a heavy-duty generator panel that is ready and allows individual control of about twelve home or office circuits. They are manufactured in the U.S. When you order one online from a generator retailer, you can have it shipped right to your door.

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If you need to know What is a Transfer Switch for a Portable Generator, then you have come to the right place for the best helpful information. Here are just a few features that can come with a transfer switch like being hard-wire ready, made with a heavy duty steel cabinet for safety, can be placed on indoor surface or comes available in a flush mount design. Certain brands come available with a five year warranty too.

A transfer switch is a high quality product and they are easy for homeowners to use. They are excellent for portable generators too. They are simple to install and come with complete directions for installing. Some of them are designed with has changeable breakers. Watt-meters can be a handy device for checking the load. They are helpful in letting you know if the transfer switch is working correctly. Manufacturers provide consumers with toll free numbers for questions and concerns about transfer switches.