Becky Lynch

I am a paint brush, frying pan, nail gun hailing girl, a grandma, a wife, a sister, a daughter. I actually have been glorious to add color and decorate precious woods and laminated surfaces.

I’m scrambled and that I have a brief span. I even check up on new things and will surprise what decorative items will I create from them.

I use my home backyard or my dinning table to dismantle and paint my crafty decors. I take advantage of whatever’s around my house and lift up the thing while I’m refreshing. I provide very little attention to what would possibly happen if I spill paint or nail through a table…until it happens.

I’m multi-tasking. I’m brooding about my next project or what I would like from the local megastore. I awaken daily with purpose and have a plan… I have to end a minimum of one project daily!

I love sharing what I do know and what I learn, and what works well on behalf of me.

Crazy Cat,
Becky Lynch